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Free shipping*

*península y baleares

Do you want to see your flexiCLIP before you buy?

Send your logo by WhatsApp and we will do a test without obligation.

625 186 234

Then you decide


What is the shipping cost?

Free shipping in Spain and Portugal ( peninsula and Balearic Islands)

Canary Islands, Tenerife, Ceuta and Melilla 5€.

Azores and Madeira 8€.

France and Italy 6€.

Germany 8€.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order quantity is 10 units for both blank and customised models.

Which flexiCLIP colours are available?

White, black and silver grey.

What colours are printed in?

Currently they are only printed in black or white ink.

Do they hold the towel well?

Yes, they hold the towel tightly.

Are they single-use?

Like any clamp, they can be used many times.

How long do flexiCLIPs last?

FlexiCLIPs are made of high tenacity plastic and are designed to function properly throughout their lifetime.

For maximum durability we recommend not to force the opening too much or to remove them by tugging on the towels.

Are they suitable for disposable towels?

The flexiCLIPs are designed for use with cotton towels.

When will my order arrive?

For blank flexiCLIP:

3-4 days in peninsula.

6-7 days extra peninsular territories.


For customised flexiCLIP, once the sample has been approved:

6-8 days peninsula.

10-12 days extra peninsular territories.